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Confidence & Public Speaking Company Workshops

We are all presenting or selling every day, whether it’s a product, service, business or just our ideas. We are communicating our point of view, and we want the other person to ‘buy in’. If you take two people with the same qualifications, the one with superior presentation and communication abilities will win every time.

So when you improve your staff’s communication skills, you improve everything – their work relationships, creativity, morale and, of course, your profit margin. Our team will teach your staff all the skills they need to give exceptional presentations, whether on stage, in the conference room, or over Zoom. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Overcoming stage fright and actually using it to your advantage
  • Sound and lighting techniques to make you look your best on stage and over zoom
  • How to make your presentation more engaging with the right amount of suitable humour
  • Preparing and dealing with any public speaking mishaps and how to use them to your benefit
  • What is charisma? How to develop rapport and increase your likeability both on and off stage
  • Running a snag-list to guarantee a seamless presentation or pitch every time.
Guarantee a memorable and uplifting workshop training day that your entire team will have fun taking part in, and that will also have tangible and practical public speaking benefits.

As professional performers, our team runs these workshops Monday to Thursday, and due to demand, our availability is limited, so get in touch soon!

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Confidence & Public Speaking Secondary School Workshops

Danny O’Brien has been a guest speaker on ‘Confidence Building and Public Speaking’ in Universities such as UCD, NCAD, IADT, DCU, Trinity College and Leicester University in the UK.

Danny and the dedicated team at Drumhill Event Management have further developed these University talks into hugely successful school workshops and, along with some of Ireland’s leading professional guest speakers, have facilitated these workshops for thousands of students both in Ireland and the UK with amazing results from the students in over 100+ schools and youth services.

The workshops are very popular with Transition Year coordinators and 5th and 6th-year students, particularly with 6th-year Leaving Certificate students studying Drama, Film and Theatre studies.

Our school workshops focus on the following:

  • Public speaking and presenting.
  • Managing nerves and anxiety through the medium of comedy.
  • Professional tips on public speaking for exams.
  • Unlocking potential and effective communication, and much more.
  • A series of resources that students can use to help manage nerves and anxiety in the future.

Please contact us below for more information or to enquire about our remaining 2022/2023 school workshop availability.

Confidence Building Courses and Public Speaking Workshops Testimonials

Quotes from TY Teachers & Students

“We booked the team into our school to run comedy workshops with a group of Transition Year Students. They visited us four times over two weeks and worked on improving self-confidence, public speaking, managing nerves, and writing. The workshops then culminated in a live showcase for their peers. The students’ confidence grew exponentially over the two weeks, which was truly amazing. I have never witnessed a workshop to be as effective in this regard. The students absolutely loved having the lads here and were very sad for the workshops to come to an end. They benefitted greatly from participating in the workshops as well as having a whole lot of fun. I would highly recommend them to all schools.” –
“We booked Danny O’Brien and his guest speaker Karl Spain to do a workshop with our Transition year students, and it was a fantastic experience. They are easy to work with, flexible, and very down-to-earth. They provided a 2-hour workshop on public speaking and overcoming anxiety in a very fun and engaging way. The students thoroughly enjoyed it, and I would definitely recommend it as a fantastic activity for any year group!”
“I attended a Comedy Club workshop in school today that was hosted by Karl Spain and Danny O’Brien. They were kind enough to show us and teach us a little bit about public speaking and to be open about the experiences we’ve faced throughout our lives. During our time in the Comedy Club, I started to notice that some of the lads that are normally quiet in my class were up talking on the mic and being more confident as the workshop went on. This was great to see, as some of the activities we did in the previous weeks with the quiet lads found their confidence in this workshop and had a great time.”

Confidence & Public Speaking University Workshops

Our University workshops are a masterclass in public speaking and presentation skills for all third-level students.

This public speaking masterclass has been developed to help your students to reach the top of their field.

Our university workshops will focus on the following:

  • Taking the fear out of public speaking and project presentation by utilising perspective-changing techniques.
  • Maximising your ability and potential through self-awareness.
  • Invaluable knowledge and expertise from three of the most experienced performers in the country.
  • Techniques on managing nerves, anxiety, and injecting humour into any talk or presentation.
  • Developing people’s rapport, increasing your likability quotient, and running a snag list to guarantee a seamless presentation or pitch, every time.
“Danny, Jack and Karl delivered a professional, personal, energetic and highly engaging workshop to our visual media students with lots of laughter and great life lessons. Our students are required to deliver multiple presentations throughout their studies, which many can understandably feel anxious about. This workshop provides practical tools to deliver a presentation with confidence, overcome fears, manage nerves and deal with any stresses or setbacks. The trio of professional comedy hosts share personal stories and use their decades’ worth of stage and media experience to put the audience at ease. It’s a refreshingly human and honest workshop. This highly valuable masterclass will benefit anyone in education or the workplace, particularly after so long in isolation; we need to reignite and harness our people skills. Learning through laughter…how bad? Highly recommended.”

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